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PC / Laptop Computer Repairs (Melbourne)

We restore faulty computers and laptops back to how they should be working. Our aim is to fix your issues in a timely manner, ensuring that the highest standard of work is carried out. Areas we cover include: Melbourne, Richmond, Carnegie, Oakleigh, Clayton, Camberwell, Caulfield, Bentleigh, Malvern and St Kilda

So what type of issues do we fix?

Our expertise within the computer repair field enables to fix many types of computer problems on both Apple and Widows operated systems including:
  • Broken/Cracked Screen Repairs and Replacements
  • Water Damage
  • Hardware Malfunction Repairs and Replacements
  • Hard Drive Repairs
  • Restore WiFi Connection
  • Laptop Trackpad Mending
  • Many More...

Get your computer repaired today in 5 simple steps

Give us a call or send us a message and tell us (as best as possible) what issues you are facing with your computer. We...

Network Solutions

We enable your computers in a way that allows them to access each others' content, so you can effectively collaborate on projects. In addition, this will also provide you with the ability to share files and folders, share printers on the network and have protected access to the network.

Integration - We will provide you with the capacity to use or combine data from multiple sources while maintaining the integrity and reliability of the data.

The Cloud - Ask us about setting up a cloud or google cloud system so you can access your data remotely from any computer, securely or get your own servers working so you no longer need to pay hosting fees and ensure you have total control of your business systems.

Network Solutions That We Cover

  • File sharing and collaboration for efficient business processes...

Remote IT Support

Sit back Relax and let our technicians take control of your computer! Our Remote support is a more cost-effective technology that allows our technicians to service your computer from a remote location. This way, the technician doesn't have to be where your computer is located, from your location, we can securely connect to your computer and see your desktop screen just as if he were sitting right there in your home or office.

Download TeamViewer For Remote Support:

apple-logo-2Windows computer remote support

Data Recovery

There can be nothing more frustrating than losing important documents, family photos or hours upon hours of your favourite music. At Rescue IT, we are here to help you recover and restore these important files - sit back, relax and let one of our Melbourne technicians take control. We can offer advice and teach you how to automatically "back-up" files from your hard-drive so that you can prevent the same thing from happening again - giving you complete peace of mind.

What types of files do we recover?

  • Word documents (including spreadsheets and presentations)
  • Photos and graphics
  • Music files
  • Video files
  • Software packages
  • Applications
  • Many More...

Have you just came back from a holiday and discovered that you have lost your photos of your lovely memories, or simply dropped your laptop a day before that...

Data Back-up Solutions

At Rescue IT Services, we understand the importance of data backup solutions. Files stored on your computer can become corrupted or even deleted without your consent, thats why it is very important to regularly back-up your files, just in case you lose them. We use specially designed applications to make this solution easy and stress free. Save time with automatic backup systems, giving you more time to work on your projects with complete peace of mind.
Whether you choose to backup your files to the cloud or external storage device, we are happy to setup a solution that works best for you.

What types of files do we backup?

  • Word documents (including spreadsheets and presentations)
  • Photos and graphics
  • Music files
  • Video files
  • Software packages
  • Applications
  • Operating systems
  • ...

Cloud IT Services

Nowadays, these companies are not reliant on outdated software and hardware, nor do they require expensive onsite technological solutions such as a Windows Server or a Small Business Server.  These services can now be transitioned to the Cloud. Cloud Computing allows them access to an array of state-of-the art technology features, all for a comparatively minimal monthly fee. Do you recall when you last backed up your photos, emails, spreadsheets and documents? When you perform this, you are effectively replicating them onto a safe data medium. If subsequently a significant problem arises with your computer, you are able to quickly and easily access them again. Needless to say, the insurance successful back up of professional and personal data provides is priceless: recovery of crucial business files allows you to carry on working, and with respect to...

Computer Upgrades

When your computer doesn't run as it first did, you may ask yourself "maybe I should buy a new one", something which happens frequently with technology based devices.

As technology is becoming more advanced each day, we constantly strive to obtain the latest products - to make a our personal and professional lives easier.

Have you ever thought about upgrading your computer? In many cases it is much more cost effective to upgrade your current device rather than buying a new one. Not only will you save money though, you can save time by not having to transfer your files and programs from one computer to another.

Computer Upgrades That We Perform

We upgrade both Windows and Apple operating systems including all the major brands/models.

  • Computer & laptop Cpu upgrade
  • Computer & Laptop Memory Upgrade
  • Computer &...

Apple iPhone & iPad Repairs

Melbournes Most Trusted Apple iPhone and iPad Repair Service

Our highly-trained technicians are ready to repair today’s freshest models of phones for almost any kind of repair. Which means, whether you dropped your iPhone/iPad in water, or if you just need your contacts transferred off your old device, we are in existence to help RESCUE your portable device.

We Use The Most Quality and Reliable Parts and Tools to Fix Your Devices

Apple Repairs / Replacements

  • Apple iPad and iPhone Screen / LCD Repairs and Replacement
  • Apple iPad and iPhone Button Repairs and Replacement
  • Apple iPad and iPhone Battery Repairs and Replacement
  • Apple iPad and iPhone Charger Connection Repairs and Replacement
  • Apple iPad and iPhone Audio Jack Repairs and Replacement

Samsung Repairs / Replacements

  • Samsung Mobile and Tablet Screen / LCD Repairs and Replacement
  • Samsung Mobile and Tablet Button Repairs and Replacement
  • Samsung Mobile...
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