Virus Removal

Anti-virus Software Protection is absolutely essential in today’s web surfing environment! It is vital that the right security service protection is used to protect your network.

At Rescue IT Services our friendly technicians are experienced and trained in removing viruses, without having to delete everything or re-installing your Windows or Mac OSX software.

Firewalls: Personal and corporate security protection. A firewall is a barrier that’s keep destructive forces away from your network, that’s why it’s called a firewall. Its job is similar to a physical firewall that keeps a fire from spreading from one area to another.

Spyware and pop up removal

Are you receiving unwanted popups, fake alerts or fake software prompting you to buy subscription to remove infections, (such as computer freezes registry problems and corrupt system files) chances are your computer is infected!!

Viruses can be a huge headache. Most people don’t realize that they have viruses on their computer. There is also other malicious software out there that you should be aware of. All malicious software is combined under one term and that is malware. Malware in its definition contains spyware, viruses, ad-ware, bots, and other identity theft software.

At Rescue it services we suggest getting your computer checked with an updated internet virus scanner. Viruses can do a variety of damage to your computer including deleting system files and can make your operating system not bootable. Virus can also delete your own personal files.

Spyware is also a malicious piece of malware that infiltrates into your computer without your consent and does exactly what its name implies. It Spy’s on your personal information and leaks this into unauthorised personal. Most virus scanners fail to find spyware because they focus on virus treats. At rescue it services our experienced technicians can help you evacuate spyware that you may have on your computer.

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