Network Solutions

We enable your computers in a way that allows them to access each others’ content, so you can effectively collaborate on projects. In addition, this will also provide you with the ability to share files and folders, share printers on the network and have protected access to the network.

Integration – We will provide you with the capacity to use or combine data from multiple sources while maintaining the integrity and reliability of the data.

The Cloud – Ask us about setting up a cloud or google cloud system so you can access your data remotely from any computer, securely or get your own servers working so you no longer need to pay hosting fees and ensure you have total control of your business systems.

Network Solutions That We Cover

  • File sharing and collaboration for efficient business processes and time management
  • Setup of both ethernet and wireless internet systems
  • Optimising network connections for a faster experience
  • Network security to protect your important data
  • Printer networking for businesses
  • Network troubleshooting to address any issues you may have
  • Mobile and tablet collaboration for businesses on the go
  • Many More…

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