Cloud IT Services

Nowadays, these companies are not reliant on outdated software and hardware, nor do they require expensive onsite technological solutions such as a Windows Server or a Small Business Server.  These services can now be transitioned to the Cloud. Cloud Computing allows them access to an array of state-of-the art technology features, all for a comparatively minimal monthly fee.

Do you recall when you last backed up your photos, emails, spreadsheets and documents? When you perform this, you are effectively replicating them onto a safe data medium. If subsequently a significant problem arises with your computer, you are able to quickly and easily access them again. Needless to say, the insurance successful back up of professional and personal data provides is priceless: recovery of crucial business files allows you to carry on working, and with respect to precious records of your home and family life, backing them up successfully ensures you won’t lose them forever.

Office 365

Microsoft’s latest version of the popular Office Suite – 2013, is now part of the Office 365 Cloud software package. We are excited to show you how this new offering can benefit your business.

Google apps

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that assists you and your team connect and collaborate efficiently from anywhere and on any device, enabling you to work smarter and to focus on what really matters.

Google Apps is comprised of a diverse setup of services, rich in valuable features all hosted by Google.  Work and collaborate with colleagues or other Google users on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets without the hassle of installing compatible software, or following a series of complicated steps to share a basic document.

Google Apps for Business offers 30 GB of storage per user, powerful spam filtering, is compatible with mobile devices and Microsoft Outlook, and has a 99.9% up time guarantee.

Google Apps is available either online or offline, allowing you to be productive from your desk, on the road, at home, and on your smart phone, regardless of your location.

Some of the fantastic features and benefits of Google Apps that are sure to streamline your work flow include:

  • Search and find emails instantly.  Spend less time organising your mail and find emails quickly with Google-powered search for your inbox.
  • Get less spam.  Powerful spam filtering helps you stay focused on what’s important.
  • Manage your business with Google Calendar, a shared calendar application that enables users to work together efficiently.
  • Overlay multiple calendars to see when users are available.
  • Send invitations and manage RSVPs even on mobile devices.
  • Compatible with popular calendar applications including Microsoft Outlook.
  • Calendars can be shared company-wide or with select colleagues with unparalleled security and privacy.
  • Publish external company events and easily embed calendars into web pages.
  • Manage your files with Google Drive and compose online documents with real-time collaboration.  Web-based documents, spreadsheets, graphics and presentations enable users to edit particular files at the same time, ensuring you always have the latest version at hand, even on your smart phone or tablet.

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